For the best in restaurant pest control, Sydney

If you serve patrons food, then you need to be especially mindful of pests. All it takes is one bad review with a photo of a wayward pest to do your business irrepreable harm in the modern era, with social media and the potential for it to go ‘viral’. You need a leading restaurant pest control service – one that understands the sensitivity of pests, food, and the use of chemicals and pesticides to manage them, and PestOz is that restaurant pest control service that you need.

PestOz | Restaurant Pest Control | Sydney

Our highly qualified and fully certified restaurant pest control service agents will engage closely with you to determine the best course of action to deal with any pest; be that common restaurant nasties like cockroaches and rats, or something more exotic. From there we will create a full pest control plan that will account for the health and well-being of your patrons, while also providing you with further guidance on how to ensure that your restaurant or café remains pest free for as long as possible. 

Wherever possible we minimize the use of pesticides, preferring to use less potentially harmful chemicals. This is particularly important for the food industry, and our restaurant pest control service will only very rarely call for the use of pesticides. If we determine that it is important to use pesticides, we will discuss a strategy to do so with you in a way that will cause minimal disruption to your business.

Our customers come to rely on us over the longer term, and with restaurant pest control, it does need to be an ongoing process. We pride ourselves on being accessible and easy to book in on an urgent basis should anything of concern arise.   

We see ourselves as genuine partners to the ongoing good reputation and success of your business, and we work hard to engage closely with each of their customers to maintain a healthy, clean, and pest-free environment. Contact us today on 02 8084 5310 to start the conversation.