The Best in Supermarket Pest Control in Sydney

When it comes to places where consumers expect cleanliness and safety, supermarkets are at the top of the list. The presence of pests of any kind can deflate a customer’s confidence in your stores and your brand, not to mention the brands of the products you sell. PestOz’s supermarket pest control ensures that your stores have the best defense against pest issues.

Supermarket Pest Control Sydney

Based in Bondi and serving metropolitan and greater Sydney, our highly trained Service Specialists use the most innovative products, equipment, and treatment methods, to eliminate active infestations quickly and then implement preventive maintenance programs to combat future pest issues. We also provide education and training to your staff to ensure they are actively eliminating any opportunity for pests to thrive in your premises. 

PestOz works with management to maintain high sanitation standards, the basis for all pest control in grocery facilities. Sanitation reports are provided each month. Monitors are appropriately placed throughout, along with exclusion work, baiting, and trapping techniques. All methods help manage the pest population so that your store is able to present the best possible image to your customers.

Our service provides guaranteed protection against common pests, including cockroaches, many species of ants, rats, and mice, with additional coverage available for flying insects, birds, and stored product insects.

At PestOz,  we are committed to protecting the safety of you, your customers and the environment. This means that when conducting supermarket pest control, we do not unnecessarily apply or overuse pesticides, and precise application is conducted in response to detailed inspection and monitoring. By using low-impact alternative products, structural modifications, and monitoring we are able to effectively reduce the risks that were once inherent in pest management, while still delivering you a highly effective pest solution.  

Put simply, we do not tolerate pests at any time, under any circumstance, for any reason. Guaranteed.  Get in touch with us to learn more.