Three Big Challenges of Office Building Management

Office building management is a challenging task,involving a complex level of organization and coordination. From ensuring you’ve got the right help to keeping the purse strings tight, here are three of the biggest challenges when it comes to office building management.

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1. Coordinating Services

Office building management is a team effort. From hiring full-time staff (like cleaners) to coordinating contractors when things go wrong, being able to effectively manage your human resources is key.

Having an operations team to coordinate all the different services your building needs will ensure things keep running smoothly.

2. Controlling Costs

Like any business, one of the most important functions of office building management is controlling the costs of operation.

Here are three key areas that tend to make a significant dent in your facility management budget:

  • Energy costs:One of the biggest costs associated with office building management is energy and other utility costs. Facility managers can help decrease these costs by using more environmentally-friendly energy sources such installing solar panels, using energy-efficient lighting and installing automated energy-saving technologies for out-of-office hours.
  • Maintenance costs: Maintenance costs alone can account for a significant part of the office building management budget. Implementing a planned maintenance strategy – rather than waiting for things to break down – will often bring down your maintenance costs over time.
  • Outsourced services:Third-party contractors or vendors who make regular deliveries to your office building do take up a significant portion of your budget. Regularly assess the value of their services, and compare and negotiate the prices of their offerings.

3. Keeping Things Clean

One of the biggest challenges when it comes to office building management is keeping the building clean.

When managing a multi-floor building –which will often mean dealing with different businesses with varying levels of cleanliness ­– keeping things hygienic can be difficult. As commercial building management often includes thinking about food storage and food waste, you’ll often find yourself having to deal with rats and other vermin. Ensure you set up a solid waste management plan, which involves clearing out trash and cleaning kitchen and bathroom areas daily.Also, ensuring that your building’s pest control schedule is up to date will help keep rats, roaches and other vermin away.

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