Three common problems restaurants face and how to solve them

Running your own restaurant is a dream for many. If you’ve come this far, congratulations! You’ve already made it. That doesn’t mean you won’t have a few hiccups here and there, so don’t fret, there are many common problems restaurants face on the daily.

Here are three common problems restaurants face and how to solve them.

1. Discovering your ‘special sauce’

With so many cafes, pubs and places to dine these days, it can be hard for restaurants to stand out. So how do you get people to notice you in the first place?

Having something that makes your venue stand out will put you on the map – literally. Give your customers something exciting to share about your restaurant on social media. Whether that’s a signature dish, kooky and cool interiors or another experiential element that gets people hooked, consider what makes your restaurant unique and amp it up through your marketing and communications.

2. Finding the right help

Running a restaurant is a team effort. One of the most common problems restaurants face is finding and retaining the right staff. While there will always be a natural attrition rate, finding people who are passionate about what they do who are aligned with the values of your business often means they’ll stay with the business longer.

3. Keeping things hygienic

While it might seem embarrassing, one of the most common problems restaurants face is maintaining health and hygiene standards. But don’t freak out – it is quite difficult to keep on top of health and hygiene standards when it comes to running a venue, especially when food is involved.

As a restaurant operator, not only do you have to worry about preparing, handling and storing food properly, you’ll often find yourself dealing with some not-so-pleasant secondary issues – namely, rats and other vermin. Implement systems and checks to ensure your kitchen, food preparation areas and fridges are cleaned regularly and produce is safe for consumption. Also, ensure that your venue is up-to-date with its pest control schedule. This will help prevent any unwanted visitors in your food storage areas.

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