Sydney’s Best Pest Control – Warehouse Solution

Based in Bondi and serving throughout the greater Sydney region, PestOz has proven to be the effective option for pest control warehouse solutions. Warehouse operators throughout the city have come to rely on our proven ability to remove any kind of pest, and implement preventative measures, while also protecting the warehouse’s stock.

Pest Control Warehouse Sydney

PestOz’s pest control warehouse technicians are all fully PCT-approved, ensuring that they have all the relevant qualifications to deliver the highest standards of pest control warehouse service. Warehouse operators deal with all common types of pest; rats, cockroaches, ants, fleas and mice. At PestOz, our warehouse pest control specialists are capable of handling them all. And, if you have an unusual infestation of some kind, we will certainly come up with a strategy for dealing with that too. 

Additionally, we believe in a highly consultative approach with our customers. We’ll take the time to do a thorough assessment of your warehouse, before providing you with a full list of recommendations for not only removing the immediate pest problem, but to ward against pests coming back for as long as possible.  

We are able to provide pest control warehouse service to warehouses of all shapes and sizes. We only use the highest quality ACPMA-approved chemicals, and ensure that what we’re doing won’t adversely affect your stock. We do not use pesticides unless it’s absolutely necessary, and if it is, we’ll have a further discussion with you on strategies for using pesticides without causing issues to your business.

We see ourselves as a genuine partner to your business, and we want to be part of your successes. To contact us for further information on what we can do for your warehouse, feel fee to email or call us on 02 8084 5310