The Best in School Pest Control in Sydney

The presence of pests at daycare centers, schools or universities can put students and staff at risk. Not only do insect and rodent pests create distractions, they can also spread harmful bacteria, as well as cause and aggravate illnesses such as asthma. Pest infestations can also create public relations nightmares, while improper control measures can expose students and employees to dangerous pesticides. With PestOz’s school pest control service, you can cast those worries aside.

School Pest Control Sydney

Based in Bondi and serving all of the metropolitan and greater areas of Sydney, PestOz’s IPM (Integrated Pest Management) methods successfully manage pest populations in many schools and daycare facilities throughout Sydney. Using the most innovative products, equipment, and treatment methods, our highly trained specialists eliminate active infestations quickly and then implement preventative maintenance programs to combat future pest issues.

Our methods include monitoring, sanitation, pest exclusion, habitat reduction and crack & crevice treatment, which can all be conducted after hours when necessary. Our experience means you get professionals who care and are qualified to safely tackle your situation.

We are committed to protecting the safety of you, your students and the environment. This means that when conducting school pest control, we do not unnecessarily apply or overuse pesticides, and precise applications are made a response to detailed inspections and monitoring. By using low-impact alternative products, structural modifications, and monitoring we are able to reduce the risks that were once inherent in pest management, while still providing a highly effective pest solution.  

Put simply, we do not tolerate pests at any time, under any circumstance, for any reason. Guaranteed.