The Best in Strata Pest Control in Sydney

As a property manager, client retention is one of your biggest concerns. Pest issues directly impact residents, and failure to correct these issues can result in increased tenant turnover, as well as decline in ownership, occupancy and rental prices. Managing your strata pest control with PestOz ensures that your reputation for providing your clients a clean, safe and risk-free place to call home is maintained.

Strata Pest Control Sydney

Based in Bondi, PestOz provides strata pest control to properties across metropolitan and greater Sydney.

Using the most innovative products, equipment, and treatment methods, PestOz’s highly trained strata pest control Service Specialists in Sydney conduct a full site inspection to ensure all common areas and individual lodgings are attended to. We then eliminate active infestations and implement preventive maintenance and monitoring plans to combat against future invading pest issues. As part of our strata pest control service in Sydney, our team also provide education and training to maintenance staff to ensure they are active in your fight against pests.

At PestOz,  we are committed to protecting the safety of you, your clients and the environment. This means that we do not unnecessarily apply or overuse pesticides, and precise application is conducted in response to detailed inspection and monitoring. By using low-impact alternative products, structural modifications, and monitoring we are able to effectively reduce the risks that were once inherent in pest management, while still providing you with a highly effective pest solution.

Strata managed properties often require regular inspections and treatments for strata pest control Sydney to ensure that they remain pest-free. PestOz’s tailored strata pest control plans mean that you can rest assured that your property is taken care of. 


Put simply, we do not tolerate pests at any time, under any circumstance, for any reason. Guaranteed. Get in touch with us to ensure your properties become and remain pest-free.