Four Things The Best Hotels in The World have in Common

Travelers today have many options when it comes to choosing accommodation. With the emergence of online hotel booking sites and alternative accommodation through Airbnb, competition in the hotel industry is fiercer than ever. However, the best hotels in the world are still able to attract guests and build brand loyalty.

While it might seem like that’s due to all the added luxuries that affordable accommodation can’t budget, surprisingly, it’s often attributed to the basic services performed extremely well. Here are four things the best hotels in the world have in common.

1. Cleanliness

Whether you’re a luxury boutique hotel or an affordable inn, cleanliness is an absolute must when it comes to hospitality. One of the things the best hotels in the world have in common is their dedication to cleanliness and hygiene. From having spotless rooms to ensuring that kitchens maintain top OHS standards, cleanliness and hygiene are a top priority for the best hotels in the world.

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One of the worst things that can happen to a hotel is that guests experience issues with bed bugs, cockroaches or other vermin. Not only do these pose serious health issues, they’re also hugely detrimental to your establishment’s reputation. The best way to avoid these issues is ensuring that you abide by a strict hotel pest control schedule.

2. Safety and security

One of the most important things the best hotels in the world have in common is that they prioritize the safety of their guests. Top hotels ensure the right security measures are put in place to help guests feel safe and secure at all times. While these can include personalized safety and security measures for high-profile guests, it’s also as simple as having adequate lighting and CCTV installed, as well as having swipe-pass access to lifts and public areas.

3. Guest amenities

Often what distinguishes the best hotels in the world from the mediocre ones is the availability of guest amenities. From having an on-site gym, pool and food outlets to having high-speed internet and great water pressure in bathrooms, top hotels have a great range of guest amenities available. However, perhaps what’s more important is that they ensure their guests’ amenities all function to the highest standard.

4. Customer service

One of the most distinctive traits of top hotels is their level of customer service. They ensure that their staff is friendly, diligent and responsive to the needs of guests. If there is ever an issue with cleanliness, safety or the guest amenities, these can often be rectified quickly and efficiently if the customer service team are well-trained and respond in a respectful and helpful manner.

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